Greeting by director

We have been related to oral health care in a region for a quarter of a century, and have been doing our best for treatment and prevention as your family doctor.

Please contact us if you suffer from these symptoms, such as whitening the color of your teeth, getting rid of the stains of tobacco or dental plaque, and feeling soreness of your teeth etc. We will help you in order to create healthy and beautiful mouth by appropriate treatment for you.


Dr.Yasufumi Kuroiwa, the Director

From Fukuoka region in JAPAN
Graduate from department of Dentistry in Hiroshima University
Auditor in NPO-Corporation GPPJ(pdp)

Dr.Nina Kuroiwa, the Vice-Director

From Kanagawa region in JAPAN
Graduate from department of Dentistry in Showa University

Vision of medical treatment

Firstly, we consider satisfaction of patients. In the second place, we offer effective dental treatment in the long run.

In almost cases, what you need now is different from what you need in the long run. Your oral environment will gradually change after several years even if we make an accurate dental prosthetic device for you. As a result, it’s likely to lose the balance between your oral environment and dental prosthetic device.

It has been becoming clear that it affects not only dental prosthetic devices and teeth near them, but also other teeth apart from them.

To tell you the truth, it also causes the Cavities, Periodontal disease and Temporomandibular joint disorder. That’s why, we notice that we should offer medical examination and treatment paid attention to even unbalance of oral environment.

We hope to offer dental care services as all patients feel they are really glad to chose Kuroiwa Dental Clinic in the middle of their life.

About the equipment of clinic

We use original style proposed by “Dr.Daryl Raymond Beach” from the architecture and design of flow lines to the selection of medical chairs in our clinic. The height of the reception’s counter is calculated based on the angle of a person’s eye line etc. In addition to this, we use the shoji doors used as a divider in our clinic on the reason why there is a feel of other side people without completely blocking the space and no psychological pressure.

Furthermore, actually it’s not blocked by door and wall from the reception to examination space, and our clinic is designed via calculating all movements of people such as plans or ideas that a patient doesn’t face other patients etc though it looks like a free space.

Examination Subjects